Betty Chappelle Dance Centre

Penistone Festival 2023

Huge congratulations to those from our competition team who spent a second weekend at the Penistone Theatre Dance Festival. We’re so proud of them for their success on stage and their friendship and support offstage.

It was an amazing end to the 2 weekends to have Milo (Modern) and Katie, Niamh, Tehya (Senior Trio) asked to dance in Adjudicator’s Choice!

An enormous thank you to our Wakefield Principal Linda Lister for such a wonderful festival.

Also wonderful to dance alongside our Wakefield branch.

Thank you to all our amazing parents for everything they continue to do.

Against incredibly tough competition, special mention to our trophy winners:

🌟 Charlotte Judic

πŸ† Junior Acro

🌟 Milo Limbert-Holt

πŸ† Inter Modern

πŸ† Inter Tap

πŸ† Boy’s Shield

🏡 Adjudicator’s Choice

🌟 Ellie Barnes

πŸ† Senior Novice Classical

🌟 Lucy Davenport

🌟 Katie Fretwell

πŸ† Senior Cabaret Duet

🌟 Tehya Wilkinson

🌟 Niamh Armitage

🌟 Katie Fretwell

πŸ† Senior Cabaret Trio

🏡 Adjudicator’s Choice